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About US

We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization based in Alameda, California. We serve all of Alameda County. Our mission is to provide household items, furniture and design services to young adults emancipating out of foster care as well as emancipated foster youth living in group homes.


How we work

We work primarily with local youth charities and social workers who refer clients in need of our services.

We can be reached via e-mail:


Lend a hand

Please help The Feather House Foundation continue its mission with a donation.  Just click the button.  Fast and simple.


How do I get needed items to my clients?

Simply contact us via e-mail. Your client can either come by our storage to pick up items they need or we can drop them off at the referring agency office. Items for clients in the city of Alameda can be delivered to clients

Our Board

Do You Take Furniture Donations??


The short answer is……it depends!

We have limited space for inventory but we would love to take a look at your furniture!

Please send a photo to Marie@TheFeatherHouseFoundation. We do not provide transportation for items at this time for pick up. An appointment must be made in advance for drop off in downtown Alameda. We are happy to send you a tax receipt for your donation.


What we are looking for:


Small table/chair set (no more than 4 seats)

Small Dressers

Arm Chairs

Coffee tables


*They must be in excellent condition with no stains, tears, animal hair or odors, from a smoke free household. We reserve the right to turn away items that do not meet these guidelines.


What else do you take?

We often take the following items as our space/inventory allows:

Linens such as towels, sheets, comforters and blankets must be new.

Items in excellent working condition:


Toaster ovens



Coffee makers


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